Rebecca Brown,
2022 Gardencity Spelling Bee champion!

On March 2, 2022, Rebecca Brown became the first-ever Champion to earn the Gardencity Spelling cup via Spell-off. She correctly spelled 22 of an attempted 26 words in 90 seconds, finishing off with her winning word: “moorhen.”

Our Story

Since March 2014 till date, the Garden City Spelling Bee Competition has consistently held every year, gathering to itself, a large number of primary schools and individual participants in Rivers State. It has been no walk in the park but a story of diligence, consistency, excellence, transparency and a need to imbibe in children a reading culture that endures.

With each edition, we have stayed the course and have consistently A course we have never strayed from since inception, we have been consistently dutiful to academic development in the State.

Each year is a fresh experience….. We can’t wait to share this year’s very special edition with you.


Clips from our 2022 competition

Clips from our 2018 competition

Message from our pronouncer

Spellers at all levels and parents can benefit from reading some words of wisdom from official Bee pronouncer, Dr. Ikiemoye Iniamagha.

Keepers of the Bee

Ifeoma Egbuonu

Dr. Ikiemoye Iniamagha

Chinedu Oke

Maureen Baridoma Yobo

Uche Ateli